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The Classic Portal is awful and must be cleansed

Posted by Octo - September 3rd, 2021

there are too many retards joining the site recently and flooding The Portal with garbage submissions.

The state of the Portal is the worst I've ever seen it and it gets worse every day.

It's all stolen content, animations made by blind people, and mislabeled SFM porn.


The only reason someone in their right mind would want to go to The Portal in it's current state is to get Blam points up, or Whistle points up.

What's happening to NG? Why is the King of The Portal the dude who makes big titty mouse porn?

It's up to us, bros. go out there and blam some fools. we gotta protect the integrity of the sacred Portal.


Make sure to blam ANY AND ALL HORNY POSTS!!!

If we allow porn submissions to keep getting awarded we're gonna retain the same reputation that Tumblr and Twitter have, a bunch of horny morons dismissing content of real quality.

Cheers, lads. Long live NG!!!



Violence is not the answer Octo. Put them on the gay list.

you may be onto something

It’s time to tip and rear!


It is pretty awful. I want to go to the portal to see unique content, but all I see is SFM reuploads, and Roblox gameplays from kids.

Could you give examples?
I know that there are people who do not understand that this is not YouTube and I do not like furry porn either, but I doubt that we can remove that from the site, especially because we are in Newgrounds. remember his motto, "everything by everyone", I do not think you have to start to exterminate each new animation.
Except when the Gacha life kids invade us, there I am going to go crazy.

im not saying to blam EVERYTHING you moron, im saying go to the portal and blam everything that deserves a blam


i remember someone tried to post gameplay of a minecraft sex mod

I'm doing my part (when I feel like it)

maybe tom fulp should use some of that donation money to hire somebody to moderate the portal

shit, and thats another problem. there seem to be actual fucking simp mods giving porn artists awards for no reason.

Isn't that just an inevitable consequence when you give people complete artistic freedom? The only thing we can do about it is blam that shit like it's hot.

that's right, thats what im asking.

@MoritzJunker @Octo Oh ok cool. I thought you were asking for more restriction or moderation or something.

Long and short of it, Citizens of Newgrounds, the grounds patrol needs YOU to roam the portal and enforce EXCELANCE, BLAM AND PROTECT!

b-b-b-b-but my pornooooos!!

thanks to remind me that I should be guarding portal again

If I gotta see 3D Minecraft Futa animations one more time.......

just pee on them

Hans, give me the flamethrower, it's time to burn shit down.

i feel like a better way do solve this is like doin some shit with the ranks or somethin' i was gonna say like categorize shit based on what you were posting, like we gotta specify some content, then have a setting so like you could not really want to see specific categories, or outright just have specific posts blocked from your perspective.

this was a shitload of fuck to type.

It's my part-time job to blam animations made by 9 year olds or random shitposts you'd find on Discord or Reddit.
Also, imagine being into porn. Yeah that's right, it's like drugs and it can ruin it. We don't care if it makes money, you're just making big breast girls fuck each other so that a teens fap to it and steal their mothers credit card to do your commissions.

> teens fap to it and steal their mothers credit card to do your commissions.

@midgetsausage B-B-B-BUT MY STOLEN SHITPOSTS!!!!

@MoritzJunker I am glad that the "Under judgement" system exists, because if it didn't then Low Quality submissions would really ruin the front page of Newgrounds and it'd be like a virus outbreak without quarantine being enforced.

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